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Cinna​mon Manci​ni Spiritu​al Medium​  

757 636 4813


Cinnamon Mancini is a Spiritualist Medium, Psychic Counselor, and Teacher of the Intuitive Arts:

She has had the good fortune to travel across the U.S. and Europe on behalf of Spirit; bringing messages of hope, love, inspiration, and healing to those in need.

Although psychic from birth, it was the experience of a major stroke which propelled Cinnamon to accept her role as an ambassador for Spirit. At the direction of her Guides, and after years of physical recovery, and spiritual unfoldment, Cinnamon has carved her path as an evidential medium.  

She has the pleasure of traveling to various parts of the U.S. offering private sittings, public demonstrations of spirit communication, and is thrilled to teach weekend intensive workshops.  

Cinnamon's greatest joy is the center she founded in Virginia Beach.

The Center for Progressive Movement is a place where some of today's best and brightest mediums, psychics, and healers from around the world come to share the knowledge that we are more than our physical bodies.   

Cinnamon's mission is to elevate the conscious awareness of the soul thru the discipline of Evidential Mediumship.

Cinnamon's Services:

Private Sittings

Phone Sittings


Public Demonstration


Will travel for of 10 or more

50 Minute Private Sitting: $120 

 50 Minute Private Sitting: Two People: $160        

1/2 hour Private Sitting: $80

Please Note: There is a $5 Surcharge to Cover PayPal Costs


5267 Greenwich Rd.

Bldg #101 Suite B

Virginia Beach, Va 23462

We are located in the 1st set of buildings as you come into the parking lot. Please enter the building; head Down the stairs; and enter the door to the left, and have a seat in the lobby.

(757) 636-4813

Hours By Appointment Only